Sea of Cortez single James Eliot Jones and the Needs October 5 2021 NeedtoMakerecords

Carnival of Fools single James Eliot Jones and the Needs September 10 2021 NeedtoMakerecords

Mercury Rising single James Eliot Jones Feb 5,2021 NeedtoMakerecord

 HOME single James Eliot Jones June 3, 2020 NeedtoMakerecords 

The Shed Sessions Vol.1   James Eliot Jones 2018 NeedtoMakerecords 

The Needs             James Eliot Jones  2017 NeedtoMakerecords/Get Loud 

Cult Psycotica       Battleme 2017 El Camino Media

  "Last Dance" single  The Needs    Cover Me Compilation  2016 Get Loud

Habitual Lovesongs     Battleme 2016      El Camino Media

Future Runs Magnetic  Battleme 2014  El Camino Media

Weight on the Brain      Battleme 2014  EP El Camino Media

Eliot James and the Snakes  Back to The Burning Sun 2011  Koda Recordings

Eliot James and The Snakes  Wind Up World   2010   Uncle Punk Records


Open Sky Separators I Used to Drive By Your House 2004

Eliot James and the Snakes  All You Want  2003 Koda Recordings

Butch Walker  Left Of Self Center (Japanese release) 2002 Arista Records

Eliot James and The Snakes  Year Of The Snake 2000   Koda Recordings

Marvelous 3  Ready Sex Go  2000    Elektra Records

the Pleasantdales   Pretty Scars   1998 Rare Records

the Pleasantdales  Figure Out Luck  1997

Maiden America   Majoun      1995    Majoun Music

Mojo Filter EP      Majoun       1994     Majoun music

Majoun                  Majoun        1993

Stirring the Breakfast       Jonas Grumby  1992  flying effalance records

United Snakes    the Interscope Demo's   1990 

Sapphyre Sun    Powers of The Thunder 1988