From the recording The NEEDS

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2nd single from TheNEEDS self titled debut out spring 2017.


I used to see you wandering
out there in the dark
beyond the tall forgotten trees
that line the old town park

and Ive been wondering
Just how I got this far
yea Ive Been wondering
who the hell we are

all the world outside is cold
and quiet where we lay
lets watch the day light up and make
a mess of things we say

and Ive been wondering
just how we will survive
yea Ive been wondering
where we were last night

but I don't wanna move until
I hear you say
all you want to do is walk around
with me today
lets walk around and watch the sun
get swallowed by the sea

cause Ive been wondering
for years its no surprise
if you've been wondering
with your polyester eyes...
lets walk around and watch the sun