1. HOME

From the recording HOME

featuring Scott Noben on Drums. All other instruments and vocals by James Eliot Jones


Jim He's a good man he falls on his sword
every third Wednesday for life
He takes every beating and smiles like a champ
if theres one thing he knows its who's right

But oh no it's a strange life
Oh no its a terrible fight
He just wants to go Home

Sue She's a good wife she stands by her man
Who never much noticed she's there
As long as the sports ball stays on the TV
he smiles as she brushes her hair

but Oh no Its a sad life
oh no its a terrible fight
she just wants to go Home

now it's a strange time were all stuck inside
sending up signals to god
she seems to ignore us most of the time
and now she just fucking pressed pause

but Oh no it's a strange life
oh no it's a war we cant fight
we just have to stay home

Donnie's a rich kid who wants to be king
but he's just a white boy from Queens
He'll say anything get what he wants
It's the art of the deal he screams...
Man why don't you go home