1. Mercury Rising

From the recording Mercury Rising


Mercury Rising

Mercury Is Rising
High up in the southern sky tonight
The temperature is frightening
Nobody knows why
They like to say it’s god, but you know
That aint really true
It aint god it’s the devil
Staring right back at you
From the mirror
Cold blackness in his eyes
Flush down the Holy Water
Nobody knows why

Mercury Is rising
Right up under the moon tonight
The temperature’s surprising
Nobody asks why
They drive in they’re big cars
To the store to get some milk
To feed they’re hungry children
They had to please they’re will
Nobody asks why

Excuse me operator
I’s like to make a call
See there’s nothing going down round here
And I’d like to take a fall
He said “Man what’s a fall?
We don’t do that anymore
Can’t you see that world is over
You flushed it down the bowl
Nobody knows why